Cosmetic Brow Tattoo


H A I R S T R O K E S are single hairstrokes throughout the brow. Hairstrokes is a great option if you have great brows and want a bit of fullness through your brows. Hairstrokes is not a forever option, so this is also great if you want a natural look before venturing into an Ombre or Powder brow.

O M B R E adds fullness, definition and shape. Ombre has soft fronts and becomes darker throughout the brow. Perfect addition for almost anyone. 

P O W D E R is one colour from the front to the end. These are great for people who wear make up every day, work out multiple times a week or those with oily/acne skin.



Initial appointment                        .......... $400

Follow up (4-6 weeks later)           .......... $150

Third appointment if required        .......... $150


COLOUR BOOST (exisiting clients only)

12 - 18 months                              .......... $200

18 - 24 months                              .......... $300

24 - 36 months                              .......... $350

**All colour boost appointments have a $100 follow up appointment which is completed between 4-6 weeks after your appointment. **